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Our global mission is to advance training, address skills shortage, foster knowledge sharing, and ultimately improve patient care. To meet these challenges we operate the i3 Champions Network to promote collaboration and connection among industry leaders. Through this network, we strive to build partnerships that can facilitate innovative solutions to tackle the most pressing issues facing the medical community today.

Benefits for
i3 Champions

Industry Activities

Sponsored i3 industry events, to network and promote your work.

Opportunity to co-author presentations and industry talks.

Supported clinical trials visits or panel session at i3 industry event.

Provide XR travel kit for events pre-loaded with simulation demos

Networking for like-minded peers as an industry expert, and share your story


Networking for like-minded peers from healthcare and beyond

Professional development support through training and initiatives

Cross-disciplinary workshops to facilitate expertise sharing

Standardization committee to guide the future of simulations

Assistance with accreditation to bring your organisation up-to-date with the latest standards and practices

Industry Activities

i3 Champions Network recognises exceptional dedication to simulation innovation by Super Champions, with exclusive credits and bonuses

This honours their commitment to advancing medical training and improving patient care.

Collaborating with experts to author innovative simulations which has the power to revolutionise medical training for all

i3 Champions will shape the future of training, earn rewards and see your name credited on all modules you contribute to

Exclusive Access

Early access to new trials, simulations, news, and cutting-edge research

i3 Simulations library discounts and rewards schemes, for all levels of training

Access to behind-the-scenes data and priority on qualifying simulation authorship

Regular, exclusive i3 Champion networking events with socials

Join the i3 Champions
community today!

Be part of a movement to revolutionize medical
training and patient care

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